D:a:d – Hate To Say I Told You So tab

Intro: C G Bb Bb F F|-B-|----5p3---|-3---3---|----5p3---|-3---------|---5p3---|-3-----3-5-||-G-|--------5-|---5-----|--------5-|---5-2h5---|-------5-|---5-5-----|
Vers:Am C I need to be afraid Emsaid the kind weak man Bb Dm - Dsus4as he lay cuddled up in his bedC G with those whispers around his headyeah, he'd come to nothing in a wayin a way that left himwith nothing to say but ok!yeah his eyes only worked one wayOmkvÊd:C EmThere's no such thing as paranoiaG# G Cit's always twice as bad as you hear EmAnd the thing that destroys youG# Gis that you had the answers right hereC EmThere's no such thing as paranoiaG# Bb Cit's always twice as bad as you fear Em I told you - I told you G#I hate to say I told you soDmhate to say I told you soIntroen igenVers:Old scars but the cuts were newsaid the girl who loved manybut trusted a few - yeah it's true coz she feared anyone newshe lend out her feelingsof pure affectionhe kept the collectionand the missing piece of her heartyeah her eyes only looked that farOmkvÊd igenog introen igen med en anden slutning, som gÂr over i en solo pÂ:C - G - Bb - F
Em - Dm F - Em - Bb F - Em - G Em Bb Am There's murder going on inside Em Bb F Yeah, coz you only see so much through the human eye
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