D:a:d - Between You And Me chords

Capo on 3rd fret 
Standard tune

You figure out the timing :)

(Verse 1)
Em G C Yeah I left my past
D Am I hitchhiked away from bad times
Em G C Now I try to get used to
D Am The freedom to speak what's on my mind
(Verse 2)
Em G C D Yeah when it turn to tears ... I wonder why
Am The dreams were under my pillow
Em G C But, there are no answers
D Am x2 Yeah, love is a riddle
C Yeah, so many times
G When I complain about life
Em I'm unsatisfied
G D Am I guess it's not about the car that i drive
G Or the house I can't buy
F# Em It's dry tears that I cry
Em I know that all I need is
C (single stroke) That it's easy and free D (single stroke) Between you and me Solo chords Em D - C x2 G - D Em D - C Am (Only downstrokes) Then Em D - C x? (Verse 3) Same chords as the other verses. It's easy to incorporate the lyrics. (Last Chorus)
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