D:a:d – Between You And Me tab

Capo on 1st fret (or tuned F Bb D# G# C F )


How to play an E13+11:

F#m A D Yeah, I left my past Emaj Bm I hitch hiked away from bad times F#m A D Now I try to get used to Emaj Bm The freedom to speak what's on my mind Verse 2: Chorus: D Yeah, so many times A When I complain about life E13+11 F#m I'm unsatisfied A E Bm I guess it's not about the car that I drive A Or the house I can't buy E13+11 F#m It's dry tears that I cry E D I know that all I need is E That it's easy and free Between you and me F#m A D E Bm Verse 3: Same chords, but different lyrics. Chorus: As above. Solo: F#m D A x2 A E F#m D A x2 Bm Outro: D A E13+11 F#m A E Bm A E13+11 F#m E D E D A E13+11 F#m A E Bm A E13+11 F#m E D E A Enjoy!
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