Dan Bern – Lucille chords

Dan Bern

Capo I

G  D   Em   C   G  D   G  G/C G

G G/C GI loved you when you were in the 7th grade
D/F#You had other things going on
At 17 you started looking my way At 17 I was already gone I heard out of high school you got married And I went off to find it on the coast Communication kinda got buried But I still thought of you the most
G G/C G D/F#Don't die wondering, Lu - cille, light so blue
Em C GDon't die wondering, Lucille
D Em C G D G G D Em C G D GI don't wanna die wondering about you
Every now and then I think about you You were living some place out west I heard your husband was without you Then you had another one so fast At the reunion I saw you from up above Couldn't help but thinking something's wrong Maybe you were looking too hard for love Maybe you had it all along Chorus G D Em C G D Am7 Bridge:
(Am7) COooh, when I close my eyes
G D EmThere you are so beautiful and clear
Am7 C Remember when we walked, when we talked
G D Em F DDid something felt so fine never left all this time?
Now they say you're back around again Big surprise, me too I'd love to see what's going on my friend Unless you got better things to do Don't die wondering, Lucille, light so blue Don't die wondering, Lucille I don't wanna die wondering ... I don't wanna die wondering ... I don't wanna die wondering about you
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