Dan Bern – Jerusalem chords

G        C/G  G  C/G  G
D*  G    D*  G    D*  G
C/G      G  C/G

[Verse 1]
G D Em CWhen I tell you that I love you, don't test my love
G C/GAccept my love
G C/GDon't test my love
C D G'Cause maybe I don't love you all that much
[Interlude] D* G D* [Verse 2]
G D Em CDon't ask what kind of music I'm gonna play tonight
G C/GJust stay awhile
G C/GHear for yourself a while
G D Em CAnd if you must put me in a box make sure it's a big box
G C/GWith lots of windows
G C/GAnd a door to walk through
G C/GAnd a nice high chimney
G D Em CSo we can burn, burn, burn everything that we don't like
G C/GAnd watch the ashes
G C/GFly up to heaven
G C/GMaybe all the way to India
G D EmI'd like that
[Interlude] |D* |G |D* | [Verse 3]
G D Em CAll the ancient kings came to my door
G D Em CThey said, "Do you wanna be an ancient king, too?" I said, "Oh yes, very much
G C/GBut I think my timing's wrong"
G C/GThey said, "Time is relative
G C/GOr did you misread Einstein?"
G C/GI said, "You really mean it?"
G C/GThey said, "What do ya think we come here for
G D EmOur goddamn health or something?"
[Interlude] |D* |G |D* | [Verse 4]
G D Em CEverybody's waiting for the Messiah
G C/GThe Jews are waiting
G C/GChristians are waiting
G C/GAlso the Muslims
G C/GIt's like everybody's waiting
G C/GThey've been waiting a long time
G C/GI know how I hate to wait
G C/GLike even for a bus or something
G C/GAn important phone call
G C/GSo I can just imagine
G C/GHow darned impatient
G C/GEverybody must be getting
G C/GSo I think it's time now
G C/GTime to reveal myself
G C/GI am the Messiah
G C/G C/G C/GI am the Messiah
G C/GYes, I think you heard me right
G C/GI am the Messiah
G C/GI was gonna wait till next year
G C/GBuild up the suspense a little
G C/GMake it a really big surprise
G C/GBut I could not resist
G C/GIt's like when you've got a really big secret
G C/GYou're just bursting to tell someone
G C/GIt was sort of like that with this
G C/GAnd now that I've told you
G C/GI feel this great weight lifted
G C/GDoctor Nesbaum was right
G C/GHe's my therapist
G D EmHe said, "Get it out in the open
[Interlude] |D* |G |D* | [Verse 5]
G D Em CI spent ten whole days in Jerusalem
G C/GMmm, Jerusalem
G C/GSweet Jerusalem
G C/GAnd all I ate was olives
G C/GNothing but olives
G C/GMountains of olives
G C/GIt was a good ten days
G C/GI like olives
G C/GI like you, too
[Verse 6]
G DWhen I tell you that I love you
Em CDon't test my love
G C/GAccept my love
G C/GDon't test my love
C D G D* C* GCause maybe I don't love you all that much
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