Danzig – Thirteen tab


Tabbed by:Davey13


this is pretty much the whole song. There are actually two guitars on this track (Glenn 
and the other guy (he is credited on the album)) but they basically play the same thing

e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|----------------------|D|----------------------|A|--2-22-2-22-2-22-2-22-|E|--0-03-0-03-0-03-0-03-| D DU D DU D DU D DU
Right, this is occasionally held at points in the song (your smart listen and you'll hear it)
When he sings "they just gave me a number when...." play this
e|-------2--------------------|B|-------3--------------------|G|-------2--------------------|D|--2----0--------------------|A|--0---------2-22-2-22-2-22--|E|------------0-03-0-03-0-03--| D DU D DU D DU
D=strum down U=strum up right, there you go it aint a 100& but it works i dunno about the D chord in it but it sounds nice :) mail me any corrections a whatever, cheers
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