Danzig – On A Wicked Night tab

On a Wicked Night
By Danzig
From the album: DethRed Saboath
Transcribed by Matthew Choat moc0007@gmail.com

Intro (Clean electric or acoustic guitar w/fingerpicking):
C#m----E----B---C#m (x5)

Verse 1:
C#m   E   B   C#m
Hey my lady in black*
Now I see you're back
Haven't seen you for awhile
Kinda miss your deadly smile

C#m    A# B
On a windy night
On a windy night
On a wicked night
On a wicked night

Verse 2:
C#m   E   B   C#m
Hey my lady in death
Have you come
For my last breath
I never thought
That we were through
I bet you knew I knew it too
I never thought
That we were through
I bet you knew that I knew it too

*Repeat chorus with distortion
*Repeat verse 1 and 2 with distortion
*Chorus x2

*Solo with chorus repeated to endE:------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------------------------------------------|G:-11b-11b-9-11b~~~11b-11b-9-11-9----11b-11b-9-11---9-11b-9-11-9----------|D:--------------------------------11-----------------------------11-------|A:------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------------------------------|(more solo coming soon)If you want to help on the solo please send me an email or just comment additions to it I will update the tab.
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