Danzig - 777 tab

                Danzig-777  Tabbed by Ross G.

Really easy song. Fun to play. Sounds good.
Everyone plays this song wrong so I thought I'd be nice and tab it for ya the right way.

Just get the right beat goin, it's really easy.

Please rate it. I'd like to see what you think.

Standard tuning

Use Down Strums on intro and verse.

Intro/Verse (Repeat as needed)E ---------------------------------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------------3-----------------|G ---------------------------------------------------------------|D --5--2-2-2-2-2---5--2-2-2-2-2---5--2-2-2-2-2-----3-2--2-2-2----|A --5--2-2-2-2-2---5--2-2-2-2-2---5--2-2-2-2-2-------2--2-2-2----|E --3--------------3--------------3--------------0---------------|
Chorus part 1 (Repeat as needed)
E -----------------------|B -----------------------|G -0---------------------| The 0's on the middle strings are optional.D -0-------5-1-1---------|A ---------5-1-1---------|E -0--/12--3-3-3---------| Pause shortly before the slide from 0 to 12.
Chorus part 2 (Repeat as needed)
d d d u d d u d u d d d- down strum u- up strumE -------------------------------|B -------------------------------|G -------------------------------| Just follow the strums and keep a good beat.D -4-2-2-2-2--3-3-3-3-3-2--------|A -6-2-2-2-2--5-5-5-5-5-2--------|E -6----------5-5-5-5-5----------|
Well there it is. It is right and its soooo much better than all of the other attempts seen out there. Have fun. Ross G. Please rate Please rate Please rate Please rate Please rate Please rate
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