Darlene Love - Johnny Baby Please Come Home tab

Johnny (Baby Please Come Home)

D#      Gm      G#      Bb 
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny  

D#                  Gm      
You are so far away and with each prayer I say
G#                  Bb
Hurry back to stay, baby please come home
D#            Gm      
I want you to know that I miss you so
G#                  Bb                     
And I love you all, baby please come home

D#                    Cm
I think Iím gonna cry no matter how I try
G#		              Bb
I canít hold back the tears, it seems like a million years

The nights are so long, theyíre playing our song
And everythingís wrong baby please come home

I think Iím gonna cry...

Iím dreaming of when you come home again
I miss you (?), please, please please, 
Johnny please come home, Johnny please come home... 

by: Josť Duarte
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