Darlene Love – All Alone On Christmas tab

Okay, not one of the most well-known Xmas tunes, but I've known it for years, cos it's 
Home Alone 2, and it's great.

Anyway, a strum pattern like this works really well,

D D U D D Ue]---2-2----2-2-|B]---3-3----3-3-|G]---2------2-2-|D]-0------------|A]--------0-----|E]--------------| etc
VERSE [D] The cold wind is blowin' and the streets are getting dark [Bm] I'm writing you a letter and I don't know where to start [G] The bells will be ringing Saint John the Divine [A] I get a little lonely every year around this time [D] The music plays all night in Little Italy [Bm] The lights will be going up on old Rockefella's tree [G] People window shopping on Fifth Avenue [A] All I want for Christmas is you CHORUS [D] (Tell me) I've got to know [Bm] Where do lonely hearts go [G] [A] [D] Because nobody ought to be all alone on Christmas The verse and chorus sections are repeated before the interlude, which is... INTERLUDE [G] I'm all grown up but I'm the same you'll see [F#] I'm writing this letter 'cause I still believe [G] Dear Santa I've been good this year [A] Can't you stay a little while with me right here Sexy Sax solo over the verse, then back to the chorus. Easy peasy eh?
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