Daughter - Peter chords version 1

Daughter - 'Peter'  
Link to artist website: http://ohdaughter.bandcamp.com/

The picking pattern for this song is relativly simple, the G chord 
picking pattern is: string 6, string 4, string 3, string 4; the 
picking pattern for the C and Em chords is: string 5, string 4, 
string 3, string 4. Any comments/queries email me at: the_stray_@hotmail.com.

Capo 3

Intro: G C G C Em C Em C

Verse 1: 

G C Peter, Can I go back home?,
G CI flew here under false pretence I thought it would be fun,
Em CBut the lost boys have moved away and one of thems locked up,
EmI know you think youíre still a child but,
C GI couldnít give a f***, Youíre twenty one,
C G C Verse 2:
G COh Peter, I can dream no more,
G CIíve been chasing all of yours Iíve forgotten what it was,
Em C Em CThat I wanted, That I want,
G CNo I wonít be your doll,
G C EmSo please donít ask me to, You see I donít look so good,
C GIn yellow, like other dolls they do,
C G C Verse3:
G C GOh Peter, I am not naÔve, I see the way you look at her,
C EmAnd you donít do that for me, oh it must be love,
C G And we both know its not with us,
C G C Chorus, C G C
G C GOh Peter, he walks beside the lake, While I lay beside,
C Em CAn empty space, waiting for the sirens, just waiting for,
Em Cthe sirens,
Chorus 2:
G C G COh I wonít be your doll, so please donít you ask me to,
Em C GI wonít shut my little painted face, like all your other dolls
C G C Gthey do, like all your other dolls they do.
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