Daughter – Medicine chords ver. 2

Hey this is my first tab, but don't worry cuz the whole reason I put this on is because
I'm sick of crappy tabs. The strumming pattern is pretty much up to you, and it's a
preference thing. This is set on the fifth fret because it's what matches my vocal key, 
but I'm sure you can transpose it to fit for you. Even if it's not 100% accurate or to your
liking, if you play around with these cords you will get pretty damn close. There are 
only 4 basic cords, much like many of Daughter's other songs...

Capo 5: the chorus is C - G - Am - F, although variation happens throughout depending onhow you want it to sound.
CPick it up
Gpick it all up
Am Fand start again
C GYou’ve got a second chance
Fyou could go home
Cescape it all
Am Fits just irrelevant
C GIt’s just medicine
Am Fit’s just medicine
CYou could still be
Gwhat you want to
Fwhat you said you were
Amwhen I met you
CYou’ve got a warm heart
G Fyou’ve got a beautiful brain
Am Cbut its disintegr-ating
C Gfrom all the medicine
Am FFrom all the medicine
C GFrom all the medicine
Am CMedicine….
CYou could still be
F Gwhat you want to be
Am Cwhat you said you were
F Cwhen you met me
C AmYou could still be
Gwhat you want to be
Amwhat you said you were
FWhen I met you;
Am Cwhen you met me
Am G Am C Fwhen I met you-ooohhh
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