Daughter – Blue And Grey tab

   Daughter (Elena Tonra)'s "Blue And Grey"
   Chord progression gets repeated throughout the song and each part segment gets 
   repeated (as      shown by the "2x" etc.)
   See song for strumming pattern and such
   Tabbed by Lena

2x 2x ...e|----8-----7-----5-----3-----8-----7-----5-----3-----5-----3-----1-----0-----5-------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------0-----0------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0----------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----7-----5-----3-----2-----7-----5-----3-----2-----3-----2-----0-----2-----3-------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
One day there was a girl who cried tears of pearls and her eyes were blue and green like none i've ever seen and she met a man that night who filled her with delight and he spoke in poetry and rhyme and she loved him in no time but he changed and then soon he became jealous of her beauty and fame(?) and he locked her away and he forced her to play songs that were blue, songs that were grey, yeah yeah so then this lonely girl, had had enough of her world so she climbed to the top of the tallest tower and stood there for way over an hour until she decided she'd jump, so she jumped with a very loud thump and all of the neighbours they came out and cried when they discovered that this poor girl had died and a boy he just came out a gasped at this beauty asleep on the grass well her eyes were like none he had seen except for the girls in his dreams then he changed and then soon he became depressed and very very strange he'd lock himself away for days and days and play songs that were blue and play songs that were grey and play songs that reminded him of that day yeah yeah one day there was a girl, who fell inlove with a boy in a different world and she speaks to him at night, only in a certain light she wore white when he wore black and they were like a perfect match and though one was dead and one was alive through many years their love did survive till time faded and soon they became, both exactly the same and they both are floating in the sky singing their own lullabies of a song of them that reminds them of a past time a song that reminds them of a past day a song that is blue a song that is grey a song that is blue a song that is grey a song that is blue, a song that is grey.
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