Daughter – Run tab ver. 2

I've listened to the song while playing this tab and it sounds correct to me, but it's 
up to you to decide :)
Enjoy xP
Capo fret 3

Repeat this throughout the song :)
During the run parts you should listen to the song for strumming patterns ;)I play these chords Em, a weird chord I can't find a name for:E|--2--|B|--1--|G|--2--|D|--1--|A|--2--|E|--1--|that looks like that then I play C and finally G. So Em, weird chord, C & G.
Here are the lyrics if you want them: While I powder my nose, He will powder his guns, And if I try to get close, He is already gone, I don't know where he's going, I don't know where he's been. But he is restless at night, He has horrible dreams. So we lay in the dark, Cause we've got nothing to say. Just the beating of hearts, Like two drums in the grey. I don't know what we're doing, I don't know what we've done. But the fire is coming, So I think we should run. I think we should run, run, run, run.. Run, run, run, run.. Run, run, run, run.. While I put on my shoes, He will button his coat, And we will step outside, Checking out the coast is clear On both sides, We don't wanna be seen. Oh, this is suicide.. But you can't see the ropes. And I won't tell my mother. It's better she don't know And he won't tell his folks, Cause they're already ghosts. So we'll just keep each other, As safe as we can. Until we reach the border, Until we make our plan. To run, run, run, run.. To run, run, run, run.. To run, run, run, run.. Will you stay with me my love? For another day.. Cause I don't want to be alone, When I'm in this state. Will you stay with me my love? Till we're old and grey. I don't wanna be alone. When these bones decay.. Run, run, run, run.. Oh run, run, run, run.. Run, run, run, run.. Ooh and run, run, run, run.. Run, run, run, run.. Run, run, run, run..
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