The Lonely One chords with lyrics by Dave Mason - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dave Mason – The Lonely One chords

Dave Mason
"The Lonely One"
It's Like You Never Left (1973)
transcribed by Tom Lint and Sam Stone


D Csus2 G(no bass) Gm6 E---2-------3---------3----------0------|B---3-------3---------3----------3------|G---2-------0---------0----------0------|D---0------(0)--------0----------0------|A---0-------3---------2----------1------|E---x-------x---------x----------x------|
There 've been moments of despair There 've been times I could'nt care I was the lonely one Then you showed myself to me And I found I need'nt be Another lonely one Refrain:
F#m GRunning in the wilderness
D BmAnd dreaming in the sun
F#m GCrying to the sky at night
D BmFor Gods eternal Son
Through the truth and through the lies There is really no disguise To hide the lonely one You can find them on card being matched with other hearts The really loneley ones Middle:
G A DInside your rooms, behind you walls
I see your face, you know I hear your call Is this a madness that's been left unchecked Or will there always be just promises? There are men who hold the key To set everybody free But they are lonely ones And if the day should come When they all can work as one There 'll be a destiny
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