Relationships chords with lyrics by Dave Mason - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dave Mason – Relationships chords

Relation Ships by Dave Mason

Great song and lyrics from Dave's album titled Dave Mason.  Dave did it in F/Dm.  
I can't even start to sing that high so I did it in C/Am...really easy to play as well.

(Verse 1)
C G(B Bass) AmIf you live with lies each day
C G(B Bass) AmEventually you'll fade away
C G(B Bass) AmLive with truth and you will stay
C G(B Bass) AmWithin the laws of nature's way
C G(B Bass) AmThoughts are much the same as deeds
C G(B Bass) AmWithin them lies a growing seed
C G(B Bass) AmIn a world of so much choice
C G(B Bass) AmFollow close your inner voice
Dm CSomething lost or something gained, don’t you be afraid
Dm COnly you can make the moves, to bring about the change
Dm COf all the Loves you’ll ever have, only one remains
F GTurning your back on sorrow…
F GWondering about tomorrow….
F GHoping that you don’t have to borrow ….
(Verse 2) Would you like to sail away Relation ships leave every day Some for money, some for love Something here for everyone There's no need to be denied When your love is deep inside All is shown to you in time All your reasons underlined (CHORUS) (Repeat first verse)
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