Dave Mason – We Just Disagree chords ver. 2

Dave Mason: We Just Disagree

E - A - A-B x8

(A-B) E C#m B ABeen away, haven't seen you in awhile, how've you been
A B C#mHave you changed your style and do you
E C#m B Athink, that we've grown up differently, don't seem the same
A B C#m ESeems you've lost your feel for me
C#m B E C#m C#m-B ESo let's leave it alone, 'cause we can't see ey-e to eye
C#m C#m B E E A C#m C#m B E E Athere ain't no good guys, there ain't no bad guys
A (A-B) (C#m B) (A E) (A A) B Ethere's (on-ly) (you and) (me and) (we just) disagree
A B C#m-B A C#m Eooh-ooh-oohoo, oh-oh-o-woah
I'm going back, to a place that's far away, how 'bout you Have you got a place to stay why should I care, when I'm just tryin' to get along, we were friends but now it's the end of our love song Chorus x2 Notes: For the middle two lines of the chorus ("there ain't" through "disagree"), play the chords on each word (or syllable for hyphenated words). Dave keeps it simple - don't throw in quick changes. Some of the 2nd chords in parentheses during the chorus may not even be necessary. I got these chords pretty much spot-on from this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3hneIVk9co I know Dave doesn't play in standard tuning, but he also plays a 12-string, so unless you're going for full authenticity...
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