Dave Matthews Band – Funny How Time Slips Away tab

Funny how time slips away -- Dave Matthews live (Willie Nelson)

Intro: (repeat 4 times)e-----0-X-0-X-------| D= XX0230B-----3-X-3-X-------| G= 3X0030G-----2-X-2-X-----2-| Ddim= X34230D-0-----------2-4---| E= 022100A-------------------| A= X02220E-------------------|"This is a Willie Nelson song..."
Lines ending in D have 2 bars of intro before next lyric Well, hello there, my it's been a long, long time (D, G, D) How are you doin, how am I doin? Well I guess I'm doin fine (D, G, D) Well it's been so long but it seems like it was (D, Ddim) only yesterday (G, walk down to E) Ain't it funny, how time... slips away (A, G, walk to D -- repeat intro) Well, how's your new love, aw, I hope he's doin fine I heard you told him, I heard you say you'd love him to the end of time That's what you told me, oh it seems, like it was just the other day Ain't it funny, how time... slips away Well I've got to go now, I've got to go but I guess I'll see you around I don't know when though, don't know when, when I'll be back in town But remember what I tell you, oh, in time you're gonna pay It's surprizin' how time slips away (A, G, D) Oh, ain't it funny, how time... slips away (A, G, D) Sittin on the dock of the bay (D, Ddim) Watchin the tide roll away (G, E) Ain't it funny, how time... slips away (A, G, D) Tabbed by ear, comments welcome -- Travis mr_flycstr@yahoo.com
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