David Choi – Uneasy chords

G Bm7 EmI Don't like it when you hang out with him
A7 C7 DYou tell me that you're friends... I'm jealous
G Bm7 EmYou say "I love you" and I'm the only one you'll kiss
A7 C7 DI'm the only one you'll miss... I'm jealous
Am7 Bm7 Em A7 Oh my crazy imagination
C7 DTakes me in your shoes
GHe drives a better car
EmHe's better lookin' than me
C7You get along so well
DWhen you're with him I'm just someone else
G Em I know this isn't true cuz I know it when I look at you
C7 DIt's uneasy when I'm waiting for you
All the questions that I try to deny They're hiding deep inside I don't want it It's so much worse when I can not see it hurt Can I feel so insecure Don't want it Pre-Chorus Chorus
G Am7 C7It's an illusion I tell myself
Am7 Bm7 GIt's so confusing so hard not to tell
Am7 C7Girl do you notice, girl can you see
D7What you're doing to me?
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