David Choi – A Dream chords

Intro: A D A D

AOne night I had a dream
Dthat everyone was happy
AHigh fives, and people laughing
Ddrinking having good times
C#m CmFood for all, games to play
B Feveryone, everyday
AHot air baloons, soar into the sky
Das pillow clouds roll by
AAnd butterflies go flapping to they rhythm
Dof the happy vibes
C#m CmSun shining, birds flying
B F Amelodies, and sacred breeze
Bridge A D Dm A B D Dm D
APeople really knew
Dthe meaning of peaceful
AAll the young and old,
Deveryone was jumping in the swimming pool
C#m CAt last, relaxed,
B Fits all so perfect
AThen I woke up, and looked outside
Dthe window for a sunrise
ARain is falling, a gloomy kind of day,
Ddoesn't feel so right
C#m CmBut she yawns next to me, its love that I see,
B FI do believe this life is a dream
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