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David Gates – Never Let Her Go tab

Never let her go Chords by David Gates

Artist: David Gates (Bread)
Album: Never let her go
Title: Never let her go

Per Olav Bjornoy
January 2008

Amaj    [xo121o]
Esus4   [o222oo]
E       [o221oo]
F#m7    [232222]
F#m7/E  [o32222]
Dmaj    [xxo222]
C#m7    [x46454]
D       [xxo232]
B#m7    [x24232]

Intro: Amaj - Esus4 - Amaj - Esus4 - E

Amaj       Esus4  E
Everybody needs a someone

Amaj                     F#m7     
Waitin' to be there when things are

  F#m7/E  Dmaj
a-looking down

   C#m7   F#m7   Dmaj          
So if     you    feel a litle lonely

C#m7  F#m7  Dmaj               D
Go    out,  find your one and only

B#m7          C#m7
Somewhere out there

F#m7         Dmaj     Esus4
Someone will care for you 

and then....

Never let her go

Esus4  E      Amaj
Never let her go

..and so on.....
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