David Gates – I Cant Find The Words To Say Goodbye tab

One of the best David Gates ever made, it surprise me I can't find a tab for
this song on the net. Well, here is my take of the song. A feedback would be most 
welcomed (Ronald_sibala@yahoo.com).

I Can’t Find the Words To Say Goodbye
(David Gates)

Intro : A+9-Esus4-C#m-D-Bm-F#m-E7 

A+9   Esus4        C#m D 
Can’t say I don’t love her
 Bm      Esus4   A
Still I can’t pretend
       A        Esus4        C#m  D
And my heart is torn just knowing that
       Bm  F#m     E7
I’m losing my best friend
A       Esus4  C#m       D
If it's easier said and done
          A  C#m     D
Then someone tell me why
Though I try,
        E                 E7       A-Esus4-C#m-D 
I can’t find the words to say goodbye

        A+9      Esus4      C#m D 
I could tell her that I’m   sor-ry
    Bm          Esus4 A
And hope she’ll understand
         A       Esus4       C#m D
She will have to do with someone else
Bm       F#m     E7       
All that we have planned
A      Esus4      C#m      D
   I’d rather her hear the truth
     A        C#m    D
Than hurt her with a lie
So I tried,
            E                 E7      A      
But I can’t find the words to say goodbye

    C#m D  
Now I   know
  C#m     F#m
I have to go
Bm        F#m   E7
Theres no other way
    C#m  D     C#m      F#m    Bm    F#m        E7-E-E7-E
But goodbye is not what I  can bring myself to say...

   A+9         Esus4    C#m-D 
If I told her "see you  la--ter"
Bm     Esus4    A
Then I might be wrong
            A	 Esus4     C#m     D
cause this voice inside is driving me
   Bm   F#m       Esus4
To find where I belong
A   C#m         D
  I know I must leave her now
    A      C#m    D
but every time I try
Don’t know why,
              E7                         A  F#m
I but I can’t find the words to say goodbye---
Don’t know why,
        E                 E7      A 
I can’t find the words to say goodbye



A+9---	002420
Esus4-	022200
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