David Gates – Falling In Love Again chords

Bmaj7  Baug  G#m  B

[Verse 1]

BJust you and I
BaugHere on the shore
B6Wind in your hair
B7Just like before
Emaj7When I first held you tight
A7Promised you love
BAnd love stayed the night
[Verse 2]
BNow even more
BaugI long for your touch
B6My heart is on fire
B7'cause I want you so much
Emaj7And I'm falling in love
A7 BFalling in love again
[Verse 3]
Emaj7If you belonged
F#To somebody else
Emaj7I would steal you away
F#6 G#m F#m6Take all your love night and day
Emaj7 Em6/C#Satisfy you forever
B Baug B6
B7 E A G#m7 C#7 B
BI see your face
BaugThere in the crowd
B6Knowin' you're mine
B7Makes me so proud
Emaj7That I'm falling in love
A7 G#m C#7Falling in love again
BOooh I'm falling with you
Em6 F#6 B Baug Emaj7 E F#6 BFalling in love again Ohhhh
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