David Nail - Red Light chords

this is my first tab. i downloaded this song from itunes single of the week and it 
blew me away. this is what i sounds like to me.

Capo 2

intro Cadd9 G x2

Verse 1

Cadd9 Gso this is how it ends
Cadd9 Gthis is where it all goes down
Cadd9 G D Cadd9 G this is what i dont love you feels like
Cadd9 Git aint the middle of he night
Cadd9 G and it aint even raining outside
Cadd9 G Dit aint excatly what i had in mind
Cadd9for goodbye
Cadd9 G DAt a red light in the sunshine on a sunday
EM Cadd9 G Dnothin to say dont even try
Cadd9 G Dsome are coming home some are leaving town
EM while my worlds crashing down
Cadd9 G Don a sunday in the sunshine
at a red light Cadd9 G D x2 Verse 2
Cadd9 Gi thought she was going to say
Cadd9 somthing about that couple kissing across the street
EM or something about this beautiful day
Cadd9 Gbut she just looked me in the eye said its over
Cadd didnt try to lie or pick a fight
G D Cadd9i might have seen it coming that way
Chorus Bridge
D Cadd9theres a mama calming down a little baby in the back seat in front of me
D Cadd9theres an old man dressed in his sunday vest just waiting on green
EM Dbut i cant see getting past
Chorus x2 outro
Cadd9 G x4at a red light
enjoy. im not quite sure but i think this is it. let me know if you have any corrections.
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