Dead Kennedys – Bleed For Me tab

Bleed For Me ~ Dead Kennedys

The tab on the Plastic Surgery Distasters album tab sucked this is about 95% correct I think.
t=tremolo pick
/=slide up
\=slide down

Listen closely to this next part, the last 6 is hard to hear. x3e----------------------|b----------------------|g----------------------|d----------------------|a--------5-7-5---------|e--0-6-7-------7-6-----|
All the chords sound best if you play E-shape bar chords. I will say if the E chords open, if it is not noted, play the E chord on the twelfth fret. E D E D E D E Verse: (open) (open) Bb E Bb E You’ve been hanging ‘round, with an enemy of the state. Pre-Chrous: (open) (open) (open) (open) E G A Bb E G A Bb E G A Bb E G A Bb Come with me to the building. That no one stops to watch. Chorus:
Come on Bleede-------18---18-19-18---18-19-18---18-19-18---18-19--|b-------17---17-18-17---17-18-17---17-18-17---17-18--|g----------------------------------------------------|d----------------------------------------------------|a----------------------------------------------------|e----------------------------------------------------|
Post Chorus: E Eb D Db E Eb D Db E Eb D Db C B Bb A For meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Repeat verse through post chorus and then:
Interlude (I’m not too sure about this part but it sounds ok):e---------------------------|b---------------------------|g---------------------------|d-----8-----8----10-10-10---|a---------------------------|e--0--6--0--6--0--8--8--8---|
Bridge (for the bridge, when you see an E just play an open E note): |C# |C# |C# |C# |B |B |N.C |N.C |N.C. |N.C | N.C B In the name of world peace, in the name of world profits, America pumps N.C. up our secret police B5 C#5 E G# B5 C#5 E B5 N.C. America wants fuel To get it, it needs puppets. C#5 E G#5 B5 C#5 E G#5 C#5 So what’s ten million dead N.C. If it’s keeping out the Russians C# B We’re well trained by the CIA With yankee tax money in Ft. Bragg C# B The Peace Corps builds US labor camps When they think they’re building schools Ha N.C. B C# B C# When cowboy Ronny comes to town. B C# B C# Forks out his tongue at human rights. C# B C# B C# Sit down, enjoy our ethnic meal Dine on some charbroiled nuns Try a B C# B C# B C# medal on Smile at the mirror as the cameras click And make big B C# business happy. Just repeat the Pre-Chorus and Chorus and that’s it.
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