Delta Goodrem - Last Night On Earth tab version 1

I got this from a friend in a forum, cant remember his name or anything so all credit
goes to him, if i speak to him again ill post his name so no credit to me for this.

and capo the first fret..


Em-C-Em-C (single chords)
Em-C-Em-C (strumming)


C-D-Em-G C-D-EmC-D-Em-G C-D-Em
Em-C (6 times) D-Em-G-D-Am
C-D-Em-G C-D-EmC-D-Em-G C-D-Em
C-D-Em-G C-D-EmC-D-Em-G C-D-EmC-D-Em-G C-D-EmC-D-Em-G C-D-Em
bit of a basic one, if you listen to the strumming and how the song goes you get a good idea of when to change etc enjoy - paul shulver (
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