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Depeche Mode – Strangelove tab

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STRANGELOVE by Martin Gore from the album
Music for the masses, 1987
Transcription by PA Joachim Larsson 961120

Intro: Em Eme-----------------------------|------------------------------|B-----------------------------|------------------------------|G-------0-------2-----0-------|-------0--------2-2---0-------|D----2------2-------------2---|----2------2--------------2---|A-----------------------------|------------------------------|E-----------------------------|------------------------------|
Am Ce-----------------------------|------------------------------|B-----------------------------|------------------------------|G-------0-------2-----0-------|-------0--------2-2---0-------|D----2------2-------------2---|----2------2--------------2---|A-----------------------------|------------------------------|E-----------------------------|------------------------------|
Verse 1: Em Em There be times when my crimes C D will seem almost unfor-giveble Em Em I give in to sin C D becourse you have to make this life liveble Em Em But when you think I've had enough from your sea of love C D I'll take more than another riverfull Em D Em Yes and I'll make it all worth-while C D I'll make your heart smile Chorus: Em Am C Strangelove strange highs and strange lows Em Am C Strangelove that's how my love goes Em Strangelove Am D will you give it to me Em will you take the pain Am D I will give to you G again and again C D Em + intro and will you return it
Verse 2: Em There'll be days Em When I'll stray C I may appear to be D Constantly out of reach Em I give in Em to sin C D Because I like to practice what I preach Em I'm not trying to say Em I'll have it all my way C I'm always willing to learn D When you've got something to teach Em D Em And I'll make it all worth-while C D I'll make your heart smile Em Pain will you return it Em C Am I'll say it again -- pain Em Pain will you return it Em C Am I won't say it again
Riff 1: Riff 2:e----------------------| |---------------------|B----------------------| |---------------------|G------------0---4-----| |------------0---2----|D----2---4-------------| |----2---4------------|A----------------------| |---------------------|E----------------------| |---------------------|
Riff 3:e---------------------|B----------------1----|G------------0--------|D----2---4------------|A---------------------|E---------------------|
End: Em Riff 1 Strangelove Am D Strange highs and strange lows Em Riff 2 Strangelove Am D That's how my love goes Em Riff 3 Strangelove Am D Will you give it to me
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