Derek Webb – Heaven chords ver. 2

    Heaven by  Derek Webb 
  Tabbed by Dasell

Intro:  A--Asus-A---A--A-E


A Asus AWhen I was killed in a shopping cart
A ETurned upside down and left for dead
A Asus AI saw a clown try to speak to me
A D E AAs I floated over his head
A Asus AI found me way to a familiar place
A EI swear I've been some time before
A Asus AI would have thought it was the market place
A D E ABut I could not find the door
F#m G AOh I have been to heaven
D A EAnd I have woke the streets
Em7 A Asus A But I could not find a hand to hold
D A ETo keep me on my feet
A Asus ASo paradise is a parking lot
A EA spot up front is your reward
A Asus AWhile all the rest walked up streets of gold
A D E ATo the house they could afford
A Asus AI got lost in the swelling crowd
A EAnd I could not afford to eat
A Asus AYou only have what you came in with
A D E ASo I'm living on the street
Bridge: No guitar ( do verse if you want to) I heard Jesus Christ was there He had a cause bulletproof And that way everyone was saved From the man who tells the truth Chorus x2
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