Devo – Can You Take It tab

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Tabbed by: Maxwell1981
Tuning: Standard (E A D G B e)
“Can you take it?”*
e|----------|B|----------|G|----------|D|8888-6666-|A|8888-6666-|E|6666-4444-|Play that... eight times? I don't know.
Pre-verse:e|------------|B|------------|G|------------|D|4-2-----0---|A|-5-1-3'1-1--|E|----------3-|Played once before each verse
Verse**:e|----------|B|----------|G|----------|D|------0---|A|---3'1-1--|E|--------3-|This is played ten times in each verse.---LYRICS:
Can you take it? Popeye's big punch knocks Pluto cold Cartoon people don't go old Yosemite Sam blows up his head But you and me wind up dead Dreamed I laid a toaster Daddy caught me in the act Can you take it? Beauty queens get bigger all the time Mamma's in a basket, crossed a double Yellow line Magazines and T.V.s show us nice behinds All the kind of stuff nobody ever finds Headlines in the paper: "killed by rock n' roll" Can you take it? --- HELPFUL TIPS: After the last “Can you take it”, the first riff is played for the remainder of the song... endlessly. The pre-verse and verse riff sound like there is a second guitar playing the same thing, but an octave higher. *When this riff starts, It sounds like the 6th fret chord is played five times, and the 4th fret chord is played eight times... It's just a really weird pattern. **The three empty dashes symbolize the break before playing. This is where the lyrics would be. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | ' Symbolizes the separation of certain notes (i.e.--playing the 3rd, then 1st fret of the same string won't look like playing the 31st fret)
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