The Death Of Lt Casanova tab with lyrics by Devo for guitar @ Guitaretab

Devo – The Death Of Lt Casanova tab

Tabbed by: Maxwell1981
Tuning: Standard
This is one of Devo’s earliest and most obscure songs. And while it’s easy to play, 
tabbing it was horrible. The guitar tone that Bob1 used is so confusing that it has resulted 
in me taking four months to finish this.
Anyway, this is the main riff:
Yup, that’s it. You will be playing that ENDLESSLY until the bridge:
Then you play the main riff again. Now go listen to the song. It’s up there on YouTube somewhere. --- POINTERS: -Lt. Casanova, according to the Devo legend, wrote “All of Us”. -This song was only played once ever, and that was at the Crypt in Akron, Ohio, back in 1974. Luckily there’s a bootleg of that concert, as there is no known studio recording of “The Death of Lt. Casanova” to date. -“Lt. Casanova” was the precursor to “Smart Patrol”. -Lt. Casanova, in real life, is actually Devo bassist Jerry Casale. Lt. Gerald V. Casanova is his nickname/alias. -The Devo legend states that the Lt. was a twentysomething sado-masochist and renowned artist, known for conceptualizing “the sacrament of pōl and hōl”. He died in 1974 because of what you hear in the song. --- | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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