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Di-rect – Revenge tab

E E F# F# G G 2x

E E F# F# G G
The sun goes out
But this aint night
It was the last time of
It was her fight

She was a girl that was born to wild
                      G     C
She never learned to be a child
She never turned down again and she don't matter
Hate and fear, it was between here live and here
She never learnd to be she is and she don't matter

E E F# F# G G
Look her face
Wild in trance
All does days
She finds romance

I heard her mother said 'They's goodbye,'
                      G     C
She never finds out how to cry
She let us be by her side
And she don't matter
Any tears she had inside in all those years
The fears come out her now and she feels better!

E E F# F# G G
Look her now
With all her friends
She scream out loud
It was revenge

E             F#
Spirits fate, Sunday school
G                        E  F#  G
She hate's to live by rules
E                 F#
She wants better, and romance
      G                        E  F#  G
Now she has a change, to take revenge

E E F# F# G G
Every day
She try's to say
Without say
She takes revenge

Em  G  C 4x

Em                     G     C
On her way she was a man to stay
She's got a change to make her live what living
All her friends give her a second chance
She did and stands that chance
Now she's on heaven!   E E F# F# G G

The RIF after E E F# F# G G is:
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