Diamond Rio – Beautiful Mess tab

Beautiful Mess 

The Am in the Verses starts before the singing but I 
put above the first word anyway. This also goes for
other parts of the song

The chords in () in the chorus may not be there butthe bass plays them.Intro: Capo 1 Am C Am C E----------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------|D-----------0-2~~---------0--------------------------------|A-----3-2-3---------3-2-3----------------------------------|E-3~~-----------------------3~~~~--------------------------|
The lick is also at the a ahhhh a ah a ahhh part where it the last note slides in up to the 5th fret like in the outro
Verse 1: Am C I'm going out of my mind these days Am C Like I'm walkin' round in a haze Dm F I can't think strait, I can't concentrate, Am and I need a shave Verse 2: Am C I go to work and I feel tired Am C The Bossman says son your gonna get fired Dm F this aint your style, and behind my coffee cup Am I just smile Chorus: C G What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I'm in F spending all my time with you F (G) (Am) (C/B) there's nothing else I'd rather do C G What a sweet addiction that I'm caught up in F cause i can't get enough, C (C/B) Am can't stop the hunger for your love What a beautiful , Am C Am what a beautiful mess I'm in a ahhhhh a ah a ahhh Verse 3: Am C This morning I put salt in my coffee Am C I put my shoes on the wrong feet Dm F I'm losing my mind I swear, It might be the death of me Am But I don't care Repeat Chorus Bridge: C Am Is it your eyes, Is it your smile C Am All that I know is that you're driving me wild Repeat Chorus (Without last 2 lines) Repeat Chorus (Whole chorus) C Am a ahhhhh a ah a ahhh Outro (The very last time you hear it)
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