Difranco Ani – Cradle & All tab

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 23:58:36 -0500 (CDT)
From: Daniel B Sharp 
Subject: cradle and all by Ani DiFranco

Cradle and All by Ani Difranco
From Not a Pretty Girl on Righteous Babe records

Like the majority of Ani's amazing songs, cradle and all uses a crazy
alternative tuning.  On the CD, I believe the tuning is F-F-C-Ab-C-Eb
but I transposed the song down a half step because E-E-B-G-B-D is 
easier for me to understand.  The two E's are low and in unison, so the
5th string, usually tuned to A, gets pretty floppy.

Ani always adds slight rhythmic variations, so this tablature should not
be considered as exact.  Use this notation as a basic structure, and listen
to the recording to iron out the details.  I believe she uses reinforced
press-on nails, so it may be difficult to emulate her sound without them.
I think that I can get pretty close with my fingers, or a pick.

Key:  h=hammer-on     p=pull-off     s=slide    x=muffled note

Thrash out this tune.  Don't stick too close to the exact notation

The main progression

D U D U D D U D D U D U D U D U D D D=downstroke U=upstroke The "rockabye" part
D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D U D U Don't let any of the notes in this part ring. I included the up and downstrokes even where there's no sound because that is the motion I make with my hand while I play it. The strokes in between the chords I make in the air right in front of the strings. The accompaniment behind the crazy slide solo
D U D U D D I welcome any corrections, comments, questions or other Ani chords or tab My wish list includes: Worthy Buildings and Bridges Falling is like this Pick your nose Out of Range Hell Yeah Dan Sharp Minneapolis, Minnesota SAMMTUBA@DELPHI.COM or SHARPD@AC.GRIN.EDU ------------------------------- End Forwarded ------------------------------- Could you please archive this transcription of "cradle and all" by Ani DiFranco Although it says that it was submitted by Samuel Sharp, he's my father and I I used his account. Thanks, Dan Sharp SHARPD@AC.GRIN.EDU
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