Doves – Andalucia chords

Artist: Doves
Song: Andalucia
Album: The Places Between: The Best of Doves

chords by christina fjersnam
all suggestions/corrections are welcome

Capo 4th fret

Intro: C

C Bm D C
C Bm Esus4 Em

C Bm D C
C Bm E

EI've seen the place
The place of falling rivers
Em Em D C Where we can breathe again
Let me see Let me know Let me see the one
F#m That echoes in your mind
ERain falls, falling on the window
Em Em D C I ain't seen the sun in days
Bring me back Bring me back the hope we found that day
F#m Seems far far away
C BmAnd the world we see
D CBelongs to you and me
Bm Esus4 EmIf we're lucky - Andalucia
C BmAnd the love you bring
D CWon't mean a thing
Bm Esus4 EmIf you don't win - Andalucia
C Bm D C (=chorus chords) G E E Em D C F#m (=verse chords) Days, feel strange Impossible to remember You're a thousand miles away I can't rest I cannot sleep I'm feeling numb, almost dazed Can you be the same? The same dreams Of swimming in the ocean White surf is all around I can't think Well I can't stop to think of her with him So far far away All the love you bring Won't mean a thing If you don't win - Andalucia And the world we see Belongs to you and me If we're lucky - Andalucia Andalucia Andalucia Oh Andalucia
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