Dowsing – Wired For Success chords

C D Em Em7Open the door
C D Em Em7Let a little warmth out
C D Em Em7I can see my breath
C D Em Em7And my ankles feel like they're going to collapse
C D Em Em7From all the stairs
C D Em Em7That I've been walking
C D Em Em7Up and down
C D Em Em7 DTrying to find you, but I never do
[Instrumental] G C/B C D [Verse]
C D Em Em7But now it's back to paperwork
C D Em Em7And fixing the copier
C D Em Em7I don't have school tonight
C D Em Em7So I think I'll be drinking alone
C D Em Em7To some Replacements songs
C D Em Em7Don't tell a soul
C D Em Em7I'd be pleased to meet me too,
C D Em Em7but I'm all shook down
D [Bridge]
Em D Em CUnder the influence of artists
Em D Cnot looking for change
Em D Em C The timing and structure
Em D C Cmaj7Will all resolve and sound the same
[Outro] G C/B C
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