Dowsing – Dissolve chords

Intro: Bb

Bb Cm Gm Eb x5

Verse 1:
Bb/D Eb You’re coming
Bb F/A Bb/D Ebdown From being
Bb F/Aso spread out
Verse 2:
Bb/D Eb Dissolved into
Bb F/A a family
Bb/DI took too long
Ebto understand
BbAnd when I did
F/AI knew myself
Better than before Refrain:
Bb/D Eb Because back then
BbI was so alone and
F/Ascared Of what the
Bb/D Eb Bb F/Afuture had in store
Bb/DAnd if I never said
Ebit back or set it
Bb F/A Bb/Dstraight I wouldn't
Eb Bb F/Abe the man I am today
Bb(I'm coming down)
CmTo take the chance
Gm(I'm coming down)
EbTo feel the warmth
of your rays (Repeat x6) Outro: Bb Cm Gm Eb x6 Bb(hold)
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