Terminals chords with lyrics by Dowsing - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dowsing – Terminals chords

Verse 1:
Em I wish things were
C Dbetter here right now
Em C It's snowing in April
D Emand you're on the east
C Dcoast And I'm still
Em C Dalone And forgetting the
Chorus 1:
C Emsounds of your
C Gvoices And the
C Emway things
C Gused to be
Verse 2:
Em C We're separated
D Emby terminals and
Ceight hundred mile
D Emlong phone calls
C DDo you even care?
Em C D Just give me your
Chorus 2:
Cexcuses Are you
Emvisiting soon?
C G I've got so
C Em C Gmuch to tell you
Chorus 3:
G D/F# about the people
Emyou'll never meet
CAnd how much they
Gmean to me And the
D/F#impact that they've
Emhad And when you
Csee me you'll
think I've changed Chorus 4:
G D/F# That's right I am
Em Cno longer afraid
to live my life (Repeat x6) Sang in backup: From Rockford to Ann Arbor I am mending Outro: C C C G(hold)
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