Dowsing – Amateur Cartography chords

G Em Em D C
G/B Am C Em D C
G G/B C x2

Verse 1:
Gwe'll lay the maps
G/B Clike tiles on the floor
Grest our bodies where
G/B C Gwe want to explore maybe
Peru just me and you
G/Bshouting from the top
C Gof the andes or just
G/B Cwatch the raritan overflow
Interlude: G/B Am C Em D C x2 Verse 2:
Gacross the border into
G/B C GCanada rock out with john k
G/B C Gin Winnipeg or maybe take
G/B Cthe train to Montreal or
Gjust watch the sun fall
G/B Cdown in our backyard
G/B Am Getting wasted with our
Cfriends in a basement
Emwith some bands that
D Cwe don't even know
G/Bfrom Tennesse with a
Am Cbackpack full of beer
i just want to be
Em D C C C(hold)here with all of you
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