Drivin N Cryin – Straight To Hell tab

Drivin' and Cryin'
"Straight to Hell"
Transcribed by Adam Limbaugh 
from the band "HyPeRtEnSiOn"

( ) = optional

Riff 1 Riff 2 G G G G G G G G D D D D D D D De|-----3--3--------3--3------3--3-------3--3-| |-----3--3--------3--3------3--3--------3--3-|B|-----3--3--------3--3------3--3-------3--3-| |-----2--2--------2--2------2--2--------2--2-|G|-----0--0--------0--0------0--0-------0--0-| |-----3--3--------3--3------3--3--------3--3-|D|-----0--0--------0--0------0--0-------0--0-| |-0---0--0-----0--0--0--0---0--0-----0--0--0-|A|-----2--2-----2--2--2------2--2----2--2--2-| |-0--(0)(0)--0----------0--(0)(0)--0---------|E|-3--(3)(3)--3----------3--(3)(3)-3---------| |--------------------------------------------|
Riff 3 Riff 4 C C C C C C C C G G G G G G G Ge|-----0--0--------0--0------0--0-------0--0-| |-----3--3--------3--3------3--3--------3--3-|B|-----1--1--------1--1------1--1-------1--1-| |-----3--3--------3--3------3--3--------3--3-|G|-----0--0--------0--0------0--0-------0--0-| |-----0--0--------0--0------0--0--------0--0-|D|-2---2--2-----2--2--2--2---2--2----2--2--2-| |-----0--0--------0--0------0--0--------0--0-|A|-3---3--3---3----3--3--3---3--3--3----3--3-| |-----2--2-----2--2--2------2--2-----2--2--2-|E|----(0)(0)----------------(0)(0)-----------| |-3--(3)(3)--3----------3--(3)(3)--3---------|
Thatz it!!! The whole song iz basically these four riffz and the chorus iz the same four riffz with distortion. I did this tab because Drivin' and Cryin' is an excellent band and yet I don't see the first tab for them. You all should be ASHAMED of yourselves!!!!! Anywayz, i intend to keep writing Drivin' and Cryin' tabz and hopefully they'll catch on and someone else will start helpin me write 'em. If you wanna bitch at me about the tab or get me a record deal my e-mail is adamlimbaugh@hotmail.com peace love rock-n-roll
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