Direct Hit! – Pain Boredom chords


[Verse 1]
G Gb G Gb G Gb BbWrithing serpent forced on itself
G Gb G Gb G Gb BbChewing its body from bottom to top
G Gb G GbThere's laughing and pointing
G Gb Bb G Gb G Gb G Gb BBut can't fuckin' stop chewing, gulping, shaming itself
AbCrying "don't want to!"
Dm"That's what it gets!"
Ab Ab A Bb BYou want it, need it - sole feeling left
[Verse 2]
G Gb G Gb G Gb BbSkinless, eyeless, dickless, senseless
G Gb G Gb G Gb Bb G Gb G GbScreaming, shaking, nothing but clutching on to existence
G Gb Bb"That's what you asked for!"
Bb A Ab G G Gb F ESuffering over and over again
Ab DmPain or a soul-crushing boredom?
Ab D FPain or a memory serum?
Ab DStains like you get nothing better
Fuck you!
Ab Ab A Bb BBinary choices for you's all you get
DmYou made the choice and you'll swallow it now
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