Electric Six – After Hours chords

After hours - i think this is pretty accurate all through out the verse it's just D i think

DHere comes 'Cokey' Joe,
Looking to make it snow, I wish I didn't know what I know,
DAnd that's why you were hired, (hired!)
Don't do your job and you'll be fired, (fired!)
BYou can't get tired after hours, (hours!)
D AThey building high in silver towers, (towers!)
BThey congegrate here after hours, (hours!)
D BThey tellin' lies, that's how rumours get started and destinies die.
DOh! Oh! Oh-oh! x4
DHere comes Sammy 'Smack', and he's been crashed up,
He gonna need a tranfusion of blood, And all the ladies oughta dance, (yes!) Another system of this business! Forget about it, lose that dress, (dress!) Give me a hug! This is how the young girls dress in my club.
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