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Emblem 3 – Reason chords

Reason by Emblem3
(Acoustic type)
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Tuning: Standard


F A D C# |-------| |-------| |-------| |-------| |---10--| |-------| |-------| |-------| |---11--| |---6---| |---11--| |---10--| |---11--| |---7---| |---12--| |---11--| |---9---| |---7---| |---12--| |---11--| |---9---| |---5---| |---10--| |---9---|
FI'm singing songs downtown at the corner bar,
AOnly friend I know is this damn guitar,
DNo woman does exist for me
C#No woman satisfies my needs!
FI cross these streets, a must at sound
ACall me up, I'm always around
DEcho effects through the empty town
C#And the radio is up, then you know that
We're gonna get...
F A D-C# Down, down, down, down, down!
F A D-C#Down, down, down, down, down!
F A DI say you are all I want tonight
C# FI say you are all I need yeah
A D C#My world it turns to see your smile,
F AYou're giving me a reason, reason, reason (yeah)
D C#You're giving me a reason, reason, reason (yeah)
FYou now it's hard out here for you boy!
AI tried to make money while I try to make noise
DI swallow all my pride, I try to get by
C#My talk is cheap, so my tongue is tied!
FI am the opposite of mellow
ASippin' on a Red bull
D C#Angel on my right, on the left is the devil
FHello, hello? Can you hear me sing?
A D C#I forgot how to speak in the 'midst of all the pain.
F A DI'm walking through the fire, fire, fire, fire, fire (yeah)
C# FI'm walking through the flames
A D C# I'm walking through the flames
(Chorus) Adlib: F-A-D-C# (2x)
F A DWake up, wake up, wake up Sleeping Beauty
C# F A D C#Now open your eyes! Open your eyes! Yeah!
(Chorus) F - Last strum (Wesley's Reason)
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