Riptide chords with lyrics by Emblem 3 - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Emblem 3 – Riptide chords

Riptide by Emblem3
Tuning: Standard
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F#m D C# E B|------| |------| |------| |------| |-------||--10--| |------| |------| |------| |-------||--11--| |--11--| |--10--| |--13--| |---8---||--11--| |--12--| |--11--| |--14--| |---9---||--9---| |--12--| |--11--| |--14--| |---9---||------| |--10--| |---9--| |--12--| |---7---|
See it was me and Jose Cuervo with Jay-D at a party Sippin' Bacardi we've been dreaming a lot of pina coladas So pour me a shot of tequila
F#m D C#We're rockin', droppin' sake poems like a kamikaze
Champagne champion no trippin, we're sippin, forget your sorry
F#m D C#Fill me up the margarita, grindin' with the senorita
OJ Grey Goose screw drivin' screws loose
F#mWanna grow love?
D C#Plant two lips on tulips, come on baby
Give me mucho Besos and smooches
F#mWe're teeny boppin oh
DBooty poppin oh
C#Pink panty droppin oh
F#mMimosas and daiquiris with cherries on top of 'em
D C#Rockin' with the best from the east to the wild wild west coast
Sing the chorus let's say! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus:
F#mWoah, woah
E B DPull me in just like a riptide
F#mI said woah woah
E B DGo ahead and drown me with your sweet soul!
F#mI said woah oooh oooh ooho
E B DMy heart is like a split divide, baby
F#m D C# I said the half of it beats for me
While the other half beats for you! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
F#m ESo when life hands you lemons take the lemons and bail
B DWe put em in the necks of our Corona's and sail
F#m ELike rickety-rocka-di, tickety-tocka-di
B D C#The Red Bull and Vodka's got the party rockin'
F#m EWe're groovin to the music and you're movin' and you're losin'
B DYou're infused up in the tunes and now the energy is cruisin'
F#mShe's so sweet, yeah
EMy baby like a mango
B DRose in my mouth well it takes two to tango
F#m EBingo, bango, ba-ba-ba-bongo
B D C#Welsey's banging dirty beats on the bongo
F#m E B D Woah, woah, woah, wooah (4x)
F#mI'm on the couch in the back
EPuffin on this shared reflex
B DGot that ukulele and a pretty lady on my lap
F#mKiss kiss, cheek cheek
EWanna plant one in between
BShe's my beauty queen
D Pretty eyes gone green
F#m E A black dress looking sweet
B DVictoria's Secret love spell so enchanting
F#m ERomance me, slow dance me, fancy
B D When you get a chance can you advance to the next beat
(Chorus) (Riptide Acoustic)
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