Emiliana Torrini - Heartstopper tab version 2

Heartstopper: Emiliana Torrini

I wrote this tab finding that there were only a few out there and most weren't really 100%
accurate. I'm not saying this one is, but it's pretty darn close!

The intro sort of calls for a call and response between a bass guitar and an electric, but...
if you want to play it all yourself that isn't possible. This is where this tab comes 
in! The
part where it goes 5-3-3-2-1 is ridiculously difficult where as everything else is much easier...
i can't even play that bit myself! So if you have any suggestions as to how to play that part
easily, let me know, most likely i just don't have quick fingers and some of you awesome
guitarists will nail this in no time!

Tune the Lower E string down to C


Chorus (if you want to sing with chords, rather than the picking pattern that goes with the verse [played without lowest string]): C Em And when it stops it stops... Am F My heart stops beating
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