Fastball - Out Of My Head tab

e: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 22:05:48 -0500
From: Maitland 
Subject: f/fastball/

Out of My Head by Tony Scalzo 
from the CD "All the Pain Money Can Buy"
Transcribed by Maitland

Well, I seem to have been made the official unofficial tabbist (is
that a word?) for fastball, so here goes another one.

I arranged the organ intro for guitar; it sounds pretty
good with overdrive.  The solo is a clean electric.   Of course I
didn't even attempt to show the rhythms, so you'll have to listen to
the CD for that.


E B E E7 A e-12-----14p12--14h16--19---21-16p14----------12----14p12-----12h14B-----------------------------------17--12h14------------14--------
E F# B A e-19-14h16--14p12-14h16-14-----16p14-12-----------------B---------------------------------------14-14-----12h14-
Sometimes I feel B Like I am drunk behind the wheel A E The wheel of possibility F# B However it may roll E Give it a spin B See if you can somehow factor in A E You know there's always more than one way F# B To say exactly what you mean to say Chorus E B E Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind? E7 A How could I have ever been so blind? E I was waiting for an indication F# B It was hard to find E B E Don't matter what I say only what I do E7 A I never mean to do bad things to you E So quiet but I finally woke up F# B E If your sad then it's time you spoke up too Solo
hold E E Be-------------------------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------9h11--11/13-9-------9-11/13-9-------9-------D-----------------9h11-----------------9h11------------9-11----9--9-A-------7h9--9/11---------------------------------------------------E-5-7h9-------------------------------------------------------------
A E F#e-------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------9/12-14p12-14--G-----------------------------------------9-11/13-9-----------------D-11-11b13r11-9-----9-11--7--7-9-7-9-9/11---------------------------A----------------11-------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------------------------
B Ee-----9/12-14p12-14-12--B-12--------------------G-----------------------D-----------------------A-----------------------E-----------------------
Chorus x 2 Stuff you should know: p=pull off h=hammer on b=bend r=release /=slide up \=slide down here are the chords: E 022100 B xx4442 E7 020100 A x02220 F# xx4322 The piano chords on the CD are higher than these so you can play em higher on guitar if you want, but imo high guitar chords sound funny Anyhow, if you come up with some variations that sound better with the CD, send 'em on over. Of course errors/corrections/ommisions are welcome too. And that's pretty much it. -Maitland
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