Fastball – Out Of My Head tab


E B E E7 A e-12-----14p12--14h16--19---21-16p14----------12----14p12-----12h14B-----------------------------------17--12h14------------14--------
E F# B A e-19-14h16--14p12-14h16-14-----16p14-12-----------------B---------------------------------------14-14-----12h14-
Sometimes I feel B Like I am drunk behind the wheel A E The wheel of possibility F# B However it may roll E Give it a spin B See if you can somehow factor in A E You know there's always more than one way F# B To say exactly what you mean to say Chorus E B E Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind? E7 A How could I have ever been so blind? E I was waiting for an indication F# B It was hard to find E B E Don't matter what I say only what I do E7 A I never mean to do bad things to you E So quiet but I finally woke up F# B E If your sad then it's time you spoke up too Solo
hold E E Be-------------------------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------9h11--11/13-9-------9-11/13-9-------9-------D-----------------9h11-----------------9h11------------9-11----9--9-A-------7h9--9/11---------------------------------------------------E-5-7h9-------------------------------------------------------------
A E F#e-------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------9/12-14p12-14--G-----------------------------------------9-11/13-9-----------------D-11-11b13r11-9-----9-11--7--7-9-7-9-9/11---------------------------A----------------11-------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------------------------
B Ee-----9/12-14p12-14-12--B-12--------------------G-----------------------D-----------------------A-----------------------E-----------------------
Chorus x 2
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