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From: L'Etat Morbide 

	Rough aproximation to Shiva, I'm sure of Riff B, the rest is difficult
	to know... :)

		 	  by  The Nephilim

	Riff A:

e|----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| G|----0----------0----------0-------| D|---2-2-0-4-0--2-2-0-4-0--2-2------| A|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------|
Riff B:
e|-2-0--0-5--0-3--0-5--2-0--0-8-0-0-7-0-0-5---| B|--------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------|
Riff C:
e|----------------------| B|----------0-2-0-------| G|---2-2-2-2-2-2--------| D|----------------------| A|----------------------| E|----------------------|
" Walk This is Welcome to Heaven Believe Welcome to 666 Breathe Come closer 1 2 3 4 " Riff A x 8 (while sings the lyrics) Riff B once Riff C x 4 (while 1 2 3 4...) " Walk Open your eyes my darling Let the weapon rise my darling Come closer The sweet smell of giving " Again Riff A x 8, Riff B and Riff C x 4 Lyrics by John McDonagh and Robert Schmitz TAB by Corrections and additions welcome FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM - "Preacher Man" Comments, corrections etc. welcome. Par Svensson,
Riff #0:D 0---------0---------0-------0------0-----0-----0---0--00..000---|A --------------------------------------------------------------3-|
Riff #1:e ---------------------------------|B ---------------------------------|G ---2---------------2-------------|D -0---0-3r2r0---0-0---0--3r2r0----|A -------------3----------------3--|E ---------------------------------|
Riff #2:e ------------------|B ------------------|G ------------------|D ------------------|A -0-3r0-5r0-0-2h3--|E ------------------|
Riff #3:e --------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------|G -----------------------------------0--|D -2-2-2r0---2-2-2r0---2-2-2r0---2------|A ---------2---------2---------2---2----|E --------------------------------------|
Riff #4:e ----------------|B ---------0-0----|G -----0h2-----0--|D -2-2------------|A ----------------|E ----------------|
Riff #5:e --------------------------------------3--|B -5-5-5r3r0--5-5-5r3r0--5-5-5r3r0--5r0----|G -----------------------------------------|D -----------------------------------------|A -----------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------|
Riff #6:e ---1--0----------------|B ----------3---1---0----|G ----2---2---2---2---2--|D -0---------------------|A -----------------------|E -----------------------|
Riff #7:e ------------------------------|B --------------1--1-0h1r0------|G ----------0h2------------0h2--|D ------0h2---------------------|A -0--3-------------------------|E ------------------------------|
Riff #8:e -15----14---12--------------|B ----12----12---15-12-14-12--|G ----------------------------|D ----------------------------|A ----------------------------|E ----------------------------|
#0 #1(x4) #2(x8) #3 Well he talks in confusion And he faults your point of view You talk about his operation And he talks, hear him laughing at you #4 Contamination and radiation Let it crawl, wanna see you stalemate Can't turn to blink or think for a while Now you're melting through your burning feet #5(x2) All the people say "Ohh..." Stop! #3 He talks, clearly starts to open A thousand fingers reach out for you #4 We don't feel no contamination (x4) #5(x4) Ohhh... #6(x4) #1(x4) #7(x2) #3 Oh, keep talking, you're a hunter, I'm a wolf Yeah, keep talking, I'm the preacher, you're the fool! #4 Contamination and radiation Let it crawl, wanna see you stalemate Can't turn to blame or think for a while Now you're melting through your burning feet #5(x4) Thought I'd hear you say "Ohh..." #4(x8) #3 We don't feel no contamination (x4) #5 We don't feel no contamination (x4) #8 Radiation, Contamination (x3) Radiation. As usual, it's quite hard to distinguish which one is guitar one, two or the bass. The above sounds pretty good when playing along to the record, though. When no number of times a riff should be played, is stated, simply repeat it until you bump into another one, and start playing that. Riff #3 actually should be: D:--2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2... played with the string "half-muted", but that's not very exciting, is it? I took the liberty of changing John's (McDonagh) lyrics transcription in a few places, thereby not claiming my interpretation is correct. Finally, anybody recognise riff #8 from somewhere else? :-) Misc. Nephilim Tabs ( OK guys and gels.... What's the chance of some of us getting together and working out some Neph TABs for Guitar(+Bass). Myself... I am not particularly good on the guitar but love to play it. I find some of the Neph stuff particularly hard to work out. I find some of the intro's to be OK but when the guitar line changes come chorus I get all messed up. So here are 2 or 3 intro's. Could anyone out there complete them??
Laura~~~~~Main Riff...|--------------5--------------------------------------------------------------||----5-8-5-7-5---5-8-5-7-8-7-5------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
The Tower~~~~~~~~~Main Riff...|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||--1-3-1--6-3-5--0-1-2--0-1-2-------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
MoonChild ~~~~~~~~~ Main Riff...
A A|-----------------------------------0--------0--------------------------------||---1-0------1-0------1-0-------1-1------1-1----------------------------------||-------2--------2--------2---------------------------------------------------||---------0--------2--------3-------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Psychonaut ~~~~~~~~~~ The Power chords played in Psychonaut are:-
D F C GI play the chords: D 10-12-12-11-10-10---| F x- 8-10-10-10-------| x C 8-10-10- 9- 8- 8-| G x-10-12-12-12----| x
I don't claim any of the above is correct... but merely the way 'I' play it. I have Watchman on line too, but it's the same as the one at the FTP sites. I can play bits of other songs... I think Endemoniada, Phobia, Power, Love Under Will, For her Light.... I have a few Bass Lines... Last Exit for the lost is some thing like...
Does anyone have the bassline for Celebrate. I would love to be able to play all of the Neph songs... So anyone else out there with guitars... PLEASE help me. I can also play some Bauhaus, SoM, Christian Death so... if people are interested in more than just Neph I'll try typing out some other stuff. Dawnrazor -Fields of the Nephilim ~~~~~~~~~ TAB by: John Mc Donagh( All corrections welcome. This is a very rough version of the TAB... And you should be able to get your own timings. Please send me in the riff towards the end and fill-ins bt. riffs.
Riff A: Riff B: Riff C:e|--------- -------------- --7-----5-----|B|--------- -------------- ----5---------|G|-7----5-- -------------- ------5-------|D|--------- --2-0--------- --------------|A|--------- ------3-2-0--- --------------|E|--------- -------------- --------------|
Riff D:e|--5h7----------10-10-10-10-10-10-------|B|------5--------10-10-10-10-10-10-------|G|-----------5---------------------------|D|-----------------------------------2---|A|-----------------------------------0---|E|---------------------------------------|
Intro is Riffs... A-B-A-C-B-A-C-B-A-D-A-D-B Main Verse goes: A-B (ie Riff A the Riff B) Cut to razor sounding violins Recall your cutthroats and razor sin We're watching Heaven as the sun goes down I'll watch the sun bursting.. Hit the ground Chorus: A-D You've got to [ ] Chorus: Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin {Rouse the sky} Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin {nb: Sin sounds like sign} Then:- B Dawnrazor Dawnrazor Well how ? Dawnrazor Dawnrazor Well how ? (Chorus) Women in dreams abide, better than lost before Women in dreams abide, better than cut before Cuts in razor sound in body and limb Recall your cutthroats and razor sin You've got to [ ] Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin Dawnrazor's falling, The Razor Sin DawnAngel's fall, The Razor Sin Lyrics by me too(with help from Robert Schmitz). ~From: I should warn you that the rhythm isn't quite right on this, but this should get you a close enough feel for the song to be able to play along with the CD and work out the rhythm. Phobia Fields of the Nephilim
Riff 1: Ae|---0--------------0----------------------------------------------------------|B|---2--------------2----------------------------------------------------------|G|---2--------------2----------------------------------------------------------|D|---2--2-1--0------2--2-1-0---0-----------------------------------------------|A|-0-----------3--0----------3-------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 2: F F E F E F F F E F E Fe|-1-1-0-1--0-1--1-1-0-1--0-1--------------------------------------------------|B|-1-1-0-1--0-1--1-1-0-1--0-1--------------------------------------------------|G|-2-2-1-2--1-2--2-2-1-2--1-2--------------------------------------------------|D|-3-3-2-3--2-3--3-3-2-3--2-3--------------------------------------------------|A|-3-3-2-3--2-3--3-3-2-3--2-3--------------------------------------------------|E|-1-1-0-1--0-1--1-1-0-1--0-1--------------------------------------------------|
Riff 3: De|---2--------------2----------------------------------------------------------|B|---3--------------3----------------------------------------------------------|G|---2--2-1--0------2--2-1--0--------------------------------------------------|D|-0-----------3--0-----------3------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
So it goes kinda like: Riff 1 (several times), Riff 2, Riff 3, Riff 2, Riff 3 Riff 1 It drains all of my life force Riff 1 A body like a unicorn, it's a phobia Riff 3 Riff 1 In this crowded room the people just stare Riff 2 Descend my soul (or whatever)... Riff 3 Riff 2 Descand my soul, etc... I think you get the idea. Two notes: first, I'm doing this completely by memory since I currently have access to either my guitar nor the CD at the moment; secondly, the bass does NOT appear to follow the guitar. I've not quite figured out the bass yet, though, but there appear to be some counterpoint involved. --the Dragon Someone posted a version of Power sometime ago (john) Here is mine I dont claim this to be correct, its just the way I play it Power ----- by The Nephilim (Normal tuning) Bass 1:
|---------------------| |--3-2-0---2----------| |--------3---3-2-0----| |------------------5--|
Bass 2:
|-------| |-------| |--3----| |----5--|
Intro: Bass1 + Bass2 x 3 Then one guitar play Bass1 while the other plays a G chord (probably a barre chord on the third fret, but Im not sure Main Riff:
Guitar 1: |---------------------| |---------------------| |---------------------| |----------------0-2--| |--0-----0-3p2p0------| |---------------------|
Guitar 2: |---------------------| |---------------------| |---------------------| |---3p2p0-------------| |---------------------| |---------------------|
In fact, you can play both riffs in one guitar, but Guitar2 should sound quieter During the break they play something like:
|--------------------------| |----15--------------------| |----14-14-17p16p14-14-----| |----------------------16--| |--0-----------------------| |--------------------------|
Song by McCoy/Yates/Wrigth/Pettit/Wrigth TAB by oSKaR ?Querras Tu rectificar las lineas de mis Manos? Chord of Souls -------------- McCoy/Yates/Wrigth/Pettitt/Wrigth Main Riff:
|-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| |----5p4-0-2---5p4-0-0-2-0h2--| |-----------------------------| |--0--------------------------| |-----------------------------|
Intro Main Riff x 4 Then the second guitar enters with an A5 chord (X022XX) During the lyrics keep playing:
|-----------------------------------| Guitar1|-------------------------------| |----5p4-0-2---5p4-0-0-2-0h2--------| |-----------------------------------| |--0--------------------------------| < let this string ringing |-----------------------------------|
|-----------------------------------| Guitar2|-------------------------------| |--2--------------------------------| < let this two strings ringing |--2--------------------------------| < (full distortion) |--0---------------3p0-0-3p0--------| |-----------------------------------| A5
"The Preacher Says... Then the power chord seems to change to (0022XX) during the first : "Let it be the End" On the chorus:
|------------------------------| Guitar1|--------------------------| |----7-7-5-5p4----0------------| |--0---------------------------| < let this ring |------------------------------| |------------------------------|
|------------------------------| Guitar2|--3-3-3-------------------| |--2---------2p1p0-------------| |-----------------3p2p0--------| |------------------------------| |------------------------------| D5
Eyes! (x 4) Ending chorus with one guitar playing:
|--3--3--3---| |---1--1--1--| |----0--0----| |------------| |------------| |------------|
Also near the end the second guitar plays (while the first keeps playing the main riff) :
|--------------------| |--------------------| |--------------------| |--0--3--5--5--3--0--| Difficult uh?, full distortion |--------------------| It seems to sound like if they were harmonics..? |--------------------|
And finally the end, believers : :>
|--8b-8p7--8-7------------0----------| |--------8----8-7----1--3----3-1-0---| |------------------2--2--2--2-2-2----| |------------------------------------| |------------------------------------| (x 4) |------------------------------------|
And repeat :
|---------0----------| |----1--3----3-1-0---| |--2--2--2--2-2-2----| |--------------------| |--------------------| Till the end |--------------------|
Lyrics: The Preacher says to all his men: I hear Godly laughter Can it be the end? With eyes on fire, couldn't be so cold I hear Godly laughter, let it be the end Let it be the end Well I hate your conscience, Let's skip this world I hate your Gods people who breath on earth Over to the other side, I'm caught stepping out Over to the other side, Save your brothers now Let Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes {Possibly: Ice!} Honest men, These worthy men In all my dreams, I hear Godly laughter Unleash your souls, The Faceless knows I'm disclosed, It's not the God I'm after Let it be the end, let it be the end Let it be the end believe us Chord of Souls Let it be the end, let it be the end Let it be the end between us Chord of Souls Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes And I hate your country, And I hate your world I hate your Gods people who breath on earth Over to the other side, I'm caught stepping out Over to the other side I'm gonna recreate a religious experience to tear my fucking heart out The End!- Believe us Let it be the end May the End believe us Lord of Souls May the End believe us Let it be the end, let it be the end between us chord of souls Let it end, let it end, let it end Eyes, eyes --- Song by McCoy/Yates/Wigth/Pettit/Wrigth Lyrics transcribed by John McDonagh ( TABs by oSKaR LM ( ?Querras Tu rectificar las lineas de mis Manos? Dust ---- by the Nephilim McCoy/Yates/Wrigth/Pettit/Wrigth Transcribed by: Bass Riff 1:
|-------------2----| |--0-000-00000-00--| |------------------| |------------------|
Bass Riff 2:
|------------------22-----| |------------22222----00--| |--3-3-0-3-3--------------| |-------------------------|
Bass Riff 3:
|------------5-5--| |-0-000-00000-0---| |-----------------| |-----------------|
Guitar Riff 1:
|--------------------------------| |---222------5---222-------------| |--0---0-3-0----0---0-3-0-2h3p2--| |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------|
Guitar Riff 2:
|---------| |--5-5\9--| |--5-5\9--| |--3-3\7--| |---------|
Intro: Bass Riff 1 x 4 Blood, I wanna watch it rain Bass Riff 1 x 3 I've got a heated slug at your brain Bass Riff 1 x 3 + Bass Riff 2 Dust Bass Riff 1 we fade the same Bass Riff 3 + Bass Riff 1 Got a reasoning piece, now explain... Bass Riff 1 x 3 + Bass Riff 2 Chorus: Feelings, come on and on Guitar Riff 1 Killing, it's all man-made Guitar Riff 1 The rythm of life is all too strong Guitar Riff 1 So we burn it... Guitar Riff 2 (Sorry I can't hear what is playing the bass during the chorus) Keep the same riffs for the rest of the song... Additions and Corrections Welcome... Lyrics by ?Querras Tu rectificar las lineas de mis Manos? FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM - "Celebrate" Comments, corrections etc. welcome. Par Svensson, This is my interpretation of the bassline, as played on guitar. Just tune it down an octave ;-) The "..." indicates repetition of the "0 2 0 2" line appropriate number of times.
e -----0-------0---...-----------------------3-----0-------0---...B -----------------...---3-----3-----3---3-3-------------------...G ---2---2---2---2-...---------------------------2---2---2---2-...D -----------------...-0---0-0---0-0---0-----------------------...A -0-------0-------...-------------------------0-------0-------...E -----------------...-----------------------------------------...
e -----------------------3-----0-------0-----------------------|B ---3-----3-----3---3-3---------------------------------------|G ---------------------------2---2---2---2---2-----2-----------|D -0---0-0---0-0---0-------------------------------------------|A -------------------------0-------0-------0---0-0---0---------|E -------------------------------------------------------------|
e --------------------------------------------------------0----|B -------------------------------------------------------------|G ---0-----0---------0-----0----------------------------2---2--|D ----------------------------------------0---0---0------------|A -3---3-----3-0---3---3-----3-0----3-0---------------0------0-|E -------3---------------3--------3-----3---3---3---3----------|
,and start all over again. Watchman -Fields of the Nephilim. ~~~~~~~~ TAB by: Nik Foreman I'll now try to write down the Watchman intro, but be prepared to move it to a different key (it sounded alright to me last time I played it to the record - see what you think) Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff 3 ..............|------|..|------|...........|------------------------------|..
So as you can see the first bit follows the pattern: 2 x Riff1 + 2 x Riff2 + Riff3 The two parts with singing follow the pattern: Riff1 + Riff2 + 2xRiff1 + 2xRiff2 + Riff3 (there is a little embellishment here and there) But on the very last time lose the last five notes of Riff3 and sustain the last '1' on the B-string. One other point is when you play the '2's in Riff3 sustain the note throughout the sequence. (()) //\\ (( )) ^ \\// ^ //\\ (( )) \\// (())
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