Fields Of The Nephilim – Power tab

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	Someone posted a version of Power sometime ago (john)

	Here is mine

	I dont claim this to be correct, its just the way I play it


			   by The Nephilim

	(Normal tuning)

	Bass 1:

|---------------------| |--3-2-0---2----------| |--------3---3-2-0----| |------------------5--|
Bass 2:
|-------| |-------| |--3----| |----5--|
Intro: Bass1 + Bass2 x 3 Then one guitar play Bass1 while the other plays a G chord (probably a barre chord on the third fret, but Im not sure Main Riff:
Guitar 1: |---------------------| |---------------------| |---------------------| |----------------0-2--| |--0-----0-3p2p0------| |---------------------|
Guitar 2: |---------------------| |---------------------| |---------------------| |---3p2p0-------------| |---------------------| |---------------------|
In fact, you can play both riffs in one guitar, but Guitar2 should sound quieter During the break they play something like:
|--------------------------| |----15--------------------| |----14-14-17p16p14-14-----| |----------------------16--| |--0-----------------------| |--------------------------|
Song by McCoy/Yates/Wrigth/Pettit/Wrigth TAB by oSKaR ?Querras Tu rectificar las lineas de mis Manos?
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