Fields Of The Nephilim – The Tower tab

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From: (Mad Marcus B)

                             The Tower
                     By Fields of the Nephilim     
                    Tabbed By Pope Bovophobe  V
                   (Version Datestamp: 13.01.95)
Basically a very easy song, with a few hard-to-hear bits in the chorus.
The verse goes:

e|--------------0---------|--------------------B|-1---3---1--------1--3--|-0---1---3---0--1-3- G|---2---2---2----2-------|---2---2---2---2-2-- D|------------------------|--------------------A|------------------------|-------------------- E|------------------------|--------------------
over and over and... occaisionally at the chorus, I think the guitar does something like this: ~~~~~~~~~
e|---5---7-----5- B|-----5---5-----G|-5---------5---
Fairly quickly. It sounds O.K. to me anyway. Have fun... Pope Bovophobe V. Contact me through Mad Marcus B at ~~~~~~ Pope Bovophobe V is Arch Cyberpope, Ordo Templi Thermophilic Philopoles, C.P.P. "He was as thin as a pencil and almost as leaden" -Iain Banks, The Crow Road
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