Fightstar - Be Quiet And Drive tab

This is really simple, and I'm sure people who have heard this will want to learn it. 
is taken from the youtube video, all you have to do is search for it.

Tuning (Low to high) - DADGBE

Intro/Verse: Guitar I - Charlie Simpson.

|----------||----------||--11--7---||--11--0---||--9---0---||--9---0---| (Could be 99911 - not too sure)
Rhythm is easy to figure out. Lead - Verse - Unsure.
Repeat this throughout verse. This is only for the verse. Chorus:
Repeat verse and chorus. Then one more verse - strum the verse chords once each Repeat chorus. Outro: "Away...I don't care where just far..."
Really easy. I'm fairly sure it's right, I guessed it just from watching the video, and I'd submit a tab just in case people wanted to learn it. Comments are appreciated! Cheers!
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