Fightstar – Never Change chords

"Never Change"

i luv this song but when i searched for the chords i got i decided 
to put it is too gud charlie rocx.......

[hey guys in acoustic basic chords sounds better then power chords]

       "for any correction mail me"

[Verse 1]:
A5 C5The time is now to tell all your secrets of deceit
D5 F5and glorious greed and all the things that caught our eyes.
A5 C5It takes me back to a place when we were
D5drunken and disgraced but we were young,
F5abusing all the things that we had won.
FYou take another and I'll be watching.
FYou never change, you never change,
your all the same.
C5You can't keep me down,
D5 you can't keep me down.
F5I'll be your home if you
A5 C5 D5 F5don't ever need something to just believe in.
[Verse 2:] The time is now to tell how we set the streets a-fire with furious heat that pants a sweat across the skin. It takes me back to a time when we refused to walk the line. But we were young, abusing all the things that we had done.
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